What is Zero Waste?

What is zero waste?

As we can probably guess from the term itself, zero waste is a concept that aims to reduce and, potentially, eliminate trash. In a zero waste lifestyle, we want to be able to use our resources to its fullest potential and send no trash to landfills and incinerators. So for example, instead of drinking water from a plastic bottle and throwing it into the trash or recycling bin, we want to aim to eliminate the bottle in the first place by drinking from a reusable bottle or glass or even a water fountain. Rather than managing waste, we want to prevent making the waste in the first place. Without any waste to manage in the first place, there would be no pollution and so much energy, time and space can be saved. Prevention is after all better than cure!

The 7Rs of zero waste 

Instead of only the 3Rs of traditional environmental campaigns i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle, the zero waste concept suggests we take on 4 more Rs i.e. refuse, rehome, replant and rot. 

In the zero waste lifestyle, we want to aim to:

1. Refuse what we don’t need 

2. Reduce what we do need 

3. Reuse by using reusables, repurposing, repairing, restoring and upcycling

4. Rehome by handing-down, handing-round, selling off, donating or re-gifting

4. Recycle what we can’t refuse, reduce, or reuse

6. Replant the grow-able parts of our food waste

7. Rot (compost) the rest. 

They are all self-explanatory, but stay with us if you would like to learn more!

How can we help Earth?

Countless studies have shown us that our home, Earth, is ill. The comforts of modern life like running water and electricity to fast food and fast fashion have been made accessible to us at the cost of our environment. 

One of the biggest concerns is the plastic waste crisis, a consequence of our 'throwaway lifestyle'; we now know that about 8 million tonnes of plastic are washed into the oceans every year and microplastics are being found everywhere, from glaciers to fish guts and even human faeces. Doesn’t that make your stomach churl? Though much of this damage cannot be reversed, we are still able to prevent it from getting worse. Adopting the zero waste lifestyle is definitely one of the best ways to contribute to a better future for our children. 

If you want more practical tips on meaningful ways to help the environment, stay tuned with us!

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